Het Houten Huisje

Family Apartment


The family apartment is the rearmost and largest area of the house, with an upper and lower floor.


  • Private entrance
  • Porch with a view of the goats and chickens on the meadow.
  • Double French doors to the porch, as well as sliding doors to still offer a lovely view even in cold weather.
  • Spacious living room.
  • Kitchen.
  • Washer/laundry room.
  • Heated floors on the ground floor and radiators on the top floor.
  • Private stairway to the spacious bedroom.
  • A king-size bed (180 x 200 cm)
  • Two-person bedstead (140 x 200 cm), but because of the inclined back wall it is best used for one adult or two children.
  • Option of placing an extra mattress or cot in the room.
  •  Bathroom en-suite (private bathroom) with a shower, toiled and wash-bowl.
  • Two televisions, one on the ground floor and one on the top floor.
  • DVD-player.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Free parking.


The Wooden House can be separated into two apartments, or kept whole by opening the antique stained glass sliding doors.




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